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About Me

"to see takes time"

-Georgia O'Keefe



I am a travel and portrait photographer from Cleveland, OH. 

When I am not out  shooting, I teach, lead workshops on community building and social entrepreneurship. 

I have a dog named Icarus, he keeps me grounded and out traveling to find new places for him to claim as his own! 


My background is steeped in service experience, working with distressed, under-resourced communities. I find the connection between people, people and the planet and often peoples connection to themselves are frayed.

Over time I have shifted to a greater focus on telling the stories of humans. I am starting to explore the disconnect between humans and themselves as well as humans their environment. This idea is what motivates me.

I am interested in how shining a light on the stories of individuals, communities, and environments, can serve to  uplift them and have developed this site and my work to reflect narratives around social, economic, and environmental impact work. 

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Have an upcoming project? I'd love to collaborate with you! 

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